Sorbents of Kuzbass

Sorbents of Kuzbass produces activated carbon and carbon molecular sieves of the best quality and at the best price using the best russian technologies. We produce granulated and pellet activated carbons from coal and other biomass. Utilizing the propriety and proven patented technology KS aims to provide premium activated carbon, primarily for water treatment, air purification and filtration applications.

Kuzbass Sorbents Company is an international team of professionals in the field of chemistry of carbon material. We supply activated carbon and sorption materials for solving the problems of water and air purification, produced using our own patented technology.
Kuzbass of Sorbents was formed after an exhaustive research and development effort which confirmed the ability to produce consistent high quality activated carbon in volumes that are attractive to the municipal and industrial sector water and gas markets.

Our company has been successfully developing in the market for 10 years. We work with many large companies from the fields of chemistry, oil and gas, coal mining and coal processing, energy, utilities.

Our products and services

Activated carbons for air and gas purification, water filtration and wastewater treatment.

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC): Mainly used for drinking water filtration but also in gas and liquid applications. This type of AC has a larger particle size with a smaller external surface.
Activated carbon can be used in a host of environmental sustainability applications, due to its incredible properties as an absorbent of unwanted elements, pollutants, and contaminants from an assortment of gases and liquids. This is why activated carbon is being used more and more as environmental regulations are increasing.

Activated carbon can be regenerated. This is done by "desorbing" the previously absorbed unwanted components and reactivating the activated carbon for use again.
Activated Carbons produced on our factory are used in a variety of industries:
1. Potable Water Treatment
2. Industrial Water & Waste Water Treatment
3. Air Purification
4. Respirators and Filters
5. Natural gas production and purification
6. Gas scrubbers
7. Petroleum Oil Refineries
8. Automobile Cabin Air Filtration
9. Gold and Metal Refineries
10. Mining
11. Adsorbed Natural Gas
12. Edible Oil & Sugar Refineries
13. Food & Beverage
14. Pharmaceutical
15. Radioactive Iodine Removal
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Telephone: +7 923 488 9619
Fax: +7 3842 77 88 45
Russia, Kemerovo region (Kuzbass), Kemerovo, Sosnoviy bulvar, 1/2, 230
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